Flash memory error recovery procedure

last page update: 05-25-22_1221

Up until recent versions of the experimental software (sometime after 05-20-22), the bootloader has always been able to recover from flash memory corruption erorrs. Normally, if you see a short/long led flash pattern on startup, you can clear flash memory by holding the TG button in for a second until the leds go out and then wait for the flash to be erased and the bootloader to start. There is a possibility with versions between 05-20-22 and 05-25-22 that the flash memory error will persist and will not be able to clear the error. If this happens, please follow this procedure:

1) If you are willing to take the device apart, install software, drivers, and follow this procedure, then please continue reading. Otherwise, please email BlueTail Technologies to initiate a return for repair.

2) Contact us with the email that you ordered with and/or the Mac ID of your receiver with the isssue so that we can provide you with a firmware file with calibration values for your specific device.

3) Download and Install these drivers for libusb:


4) Download the dfu-util software for your OS platform here:


5) Take the device apart. Remove the machine screws on the front panel with a #T-15 driver and slide out the PCB.

6) Flip the bootloader switch to the "on" position.

7) Power up the device. The device is now in "DFU" mode.

8) Perform a "mass erase" of the flash memory

dfu-util -a 0 -s :force:mass-erase:leave -v -D bootloader.bin

9) Perform an install of the bootloader file you received for your device.

dfu-util --device 0483:df11 -a 0 -s 0x08000000 -D bootloader.bin

10) Move the slider switch to the "off" postion.

11) Cycle power. The leds should start flashing rapidly at a constant rate. This is the bootloade mode.

12) Load the firmware and make sure the device is working.

13) Reassemble the device.