P25RX-II Digital Police Receiver With Bluetooth Audio Support

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User Manual And Configuration Software

P25RX User Manual (updated 2020-12-18)

See Section 2.2 Of The User Manual For Software Installation On Windows 7, 10, Mac OS X, and Linux.

NOTE: It is always a good idea to back-up your talk groups and roaming flash before updating to a new version of firmware.

BTConfig-2021-11-16_2326 (Latest Testing P25RX) This version will ship with new receivers. This version has many bug fixes. Please see firmware history for more information. It appears to be the best release to date.

  • Updates from P25RX-II development. (11-16_2326)
  • Fix issues with DMR BLK_PER_SEC display. (11-10_1007)
  • Decoder related improvements. (11-10_0702)
  • Fix issue with display view of RID / Alias. (11-09_1936)
  • Several bug fixes to TG logging and the trigger options. (11-09_1518)
  • P2 audio issues should be resolved. Voice frame repeat setting made less confusing. (11-09_0840).
  • Allow voice frame repeats to be disabled with a value of -3. This is now the default. This version will reset the configuration to defaults. (11-09_0431)
  • TG log editor default includes "voice audio trigger". (11-08_2214)
  • Device no longer sends command to flush audio buffer to java software (11-08_1646)
  • Prevent java-audio-buffer underruns. (11-08_1450)
  • More P2-related changes (11-08_1422)
  • Fix issue when importing more than 4915 talk groups. They import fine, but were ignored. (11-08_1044)
  • Add recent voice decoding improvements from P25RX-II. (11-08_0226)
  • Add Max V-Frame repeat option to advanced. The value can be 0 to 10. This was previously hardcoded to 99. This value is added to an internal minimum of 3. Please experiment with this value. Try 0 and 10. Which is better? (11-07_0550) This value determines the maximum number times the last good voice synth coefficients can be reused on frames that have errors as described in TIA-102.BABA (section 5.6)
  • Fix issue with P25 P2 audio voice frame repeats. (11-06_1138)
  • Fix several new bugs related to recent changes. Most of them related to log files. Also adding secondaries, neighbors automatically to roaming flash. (11-06_1048)
  • Add multiple TG log trigger options. (11-06_1027)
  • Fix issue with RID logging and TDMA_CC parsing of $V_FREQ$. (11-06_0726)
  • Fix issue with date-time rollover at midnight for log/recording files. (11-05_2227)
  • Fix $V_FREQ$ and vertical scrollbar for TG log. (11-05_1511)
  • Major update to voice decoding / synthesis! (11-05_0501).
  • Auto-scroll to bottom of TG log on adding a new record. (11-05_0330)
  • add import/export to TG log format editor (11-05_0307)

    BTCFG-II Software For The P25RX-II

    Firmware History
    All Previous Releases
    P25RX Tips And Tricks

  • BTConfig Software

    If writing code is your thing, you might be interested to know that we open-sourced the BTConfig software.  If you would like to take a look,  you can find it here:



    P25RX Configuration

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