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Digital Police Receiver With Bluetooth Audio Support

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User Manual And Configuration Software

P25RX User Manual (updated 2020-10-19)

See Section 2.2 Of The User Manual For Software Installation On Windows 7, 10, and Linux. (Mac OS X not supported, but may work. Use the same instructions as for Linux).

BTConfig-2020-10-02_1106 (Previous Stable)

BTConfig-2020-10-19_1333 (Latest Stable)

  • Terminate Call on TDULC / link-control end-call op
  • Improved VHF performance
  • Improved audio leveler / AGC

    BTConfig-2020-10-22_1251 (Testing-in-progress)
  • Fix issue with DMR Conventional
  • add argument to 'f' follow command

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    P25RX Tips And Tricks
  • BTConfig Software

    If writing code is your thing, you might be interested to know that we open-sourced the BTConfig software.  If you would like to take a look,  you can find it here:

    P25RX Configuration

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    I/Q Receiver