Digital Police Receiver With Bluetooth Audio Support

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User Manual And Configuration Software

P25RX User Manual (updated 2020-12-18)

See Section 2.2 Of The User Manual For Software Installation On Windows 7, 10, and Linux.

Mac OS X is not officially supported. Some customers have reported that it works well. Please see the P25RX Tips And Tricks section for more information about using BTConfig on the Mac OS.

NOTE: It is always a good idea to back-up your talk groups and roaming flash before updating to a new version of firmware.

Current Recommended version: "Latest Stable 02-24_1047". This version is a candidate for the next stable version.

BTConfig-2020-11-15_0633 (Previous Stable) BTConfig-2021-01-05_1304 (Previous Stable) BTConfig-2021-02-23_1415 (Previous Stable)

This version will ship with new receivers. This version has many bug fixes. Please see firmware history for more information. It appears to be the best release to date.

BTConfig-2021-03-08_0847 (TESTING)
  • Attempt to fix potential "lock up" issue.
  • reduce voice-audio buffering time. (_0546)
  • Fix delay error in _1559. Please use this version instead.

    Firmware History
    All Previous Releases
    P25RX Tips And Tricks
  • BTConfig Software

    If writing code is your thing, you might be interested to know that we open-sourced the BTConfig software.  If you would like to take a look,  you can find it here:

    P25RX Configuration

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    I/Q Receiver