Digital Police Receiver With Bluetooth Audio Support

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User Manual And Configuration Software

P25RX User Manual (updated 2020-12-18)

See Section 2.2 Of The User Manual For Software Installation On Windows 7, 10, Mac OS X, and Linux.

NOTE: It is always a good idea to back-up your talk groups and roaming flash before updating to a new version of firmware.

BTConfig-2021-08-31_1618 (Latest Stable)

  • TDMA CC support and improved audio.

    This version will ship with new receivers. This version has many bug fixes. Please see firmware history for more information. It appears to be the best release to date.

    BTConfig-2021-09-19_1708 (Testing)

  • Add two new log files for affiliation and emergency messages from the control channel (09-19_1708).
  • Fix recmeta date-rollover issue (09-18_0156)
  • Fix new issue with audio underrun. (09-17_2220)
  • Put p25rx_recmeta and p25rx_alias files back where they were in previous releases and not in the user-programmable audio-output folder. (09-17_2201)
  • Minor change (09-17_2049)
  • Fix issue with audio quality of mp3/wav files on Windows. (09-17_2017)
  • Added new audio options. MP3 quality, Wav file option, separate files per Talkgroup, and other. Thanks to Rusty Hodge and SomaFM for funding this development!(09-17_1437)
  • Prevent binary data from being sent when pro96_en is set to 1. (09-16_1207)
  • Attempt to fix TDMACC pro96_en support (09-15_1038)
  • Allow pro96_en output for some TSBK-style messages when in TDMACC mode. (09-15_0841)
  • Add support for Pro96Com via 'pro96_en 1' command. (09-15_0005)
  • revert recent changes to USB code in attempt to fix lockup issue (09-08_0727)
  • completely clear alt cc list on freq change. (09-08_0713).
  • Fix issue with 'ls altcc' command (09-08_0322)
  • Fix issue with leds during P2/TDMA voice.

    Firmware History
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    P25RX Tips And Tricks
  • BTConfig Software

    If writing code is your thing, you might be interested to know that we open-sourced the BTConfig software.  If you would like to take a look,  you can find it here:

    P25RX Configuration

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