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P25RX Digital Police Receiver With Bluetooth Audio Support

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P25RX Digital Police Receiver

 NOTE: 2021-01-23 We sold out today. We are in the process of manufacturing more. Expected availability 2 weeks.

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In The Box:

P25RX Digitial Police Receiver w/Telescopic + 850 MHz Helical Antenna Option  ($259)

6ft USB-A to USB-C cable

850-900 MHz Helical Antenna (mag mount)
450mm, 6 section telescopic antenna


The P25RX stand-alone, portable receiver allows you to listen to unencrypted law-enforcement, fire department, and other agency's P25 Phase 1 and Phase 2 digital communications publicly available in your area.

Powered via USB, the user has a variety of listening alternatives thanks to the integrated USB, audio out, and Bluetooth devices. The P25RX can be a totally portable P25 listening solution when used with a portable USB supply and speaker.

Opensource software (BTConfig.exe) allows the user to custom tailor the P25RX-PC interface software if desired.

Designed and assembled in the USA.

Excellent Performance In Simulcast Areas!

P25 Control Channel (trunked), P25 Phase I,  Phase II, and DMR voice Support!

Performance in mobile situations is excellent.

Excellent sensitivity

Excellent selectivity

Excellent IP3 specifications. 

The User Manual and Configuration Software Is Located On The Home Page

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