P25RX-II experimental firmware



More changes to dampen AGC. RF hysteressis value determines hysteresis on gain step up,  for gain step down hysteresis is value x 2.0.  Found optimal phase offset correction rate. Increase size of symbols plotted. 01-17_1506

Add P25 demod selection to P25RXConfig tab. Default is now C4FM. P25 P2 is always CQPSK and DMR is always FMNB. Some improvments to frequency correction for DMR. 01-17_1344

More changes to AGC gain sequencing, frequency correction. 01-17_0931

Fix several DMR-related bugs. 01-16_1157

Add Bluetooth volume slider adjust to GUI. Lower the default Bluetooth volume to 1.0 to prevent clipping. 01-16_0948.

Fix several bugs related to interrupt handlers causing issues with roaming and other unpredictable issues. Should be ready to implement scanning. initial testing of some functions needed for scanning look good. 01-16_0807

Improvements to phase correction for FM demod modes. Remove some unneeded advanced options.

DMR working extremely well with the new FM demod.



 BACK TO AGC gain controls as in 01-14_2059, but with longer evelope buffer and default AGC step time of 100ms to prevent oscillations in gain on a gain step.

Added support for C4FM channels with 'demod' command. Future versions will allow setting the demod type per frequency via the scanning profiles.

demod 0  (0=CQPSK)

demod 1  (1=C4FM)

SAME AS VERSION 01-14_2059 with the following changes:

Some updates to handle issues when switching between all auto gains and manual gains 01-15_1008

Changed to 11-24-21 style AGC gain sequencing (all gain settings must be auto for 11-24 sequencing).  01-15_0513

CQPSK only.

Changes to demodulation

Changes to AGC gains

New default AGC Target with bug fixed in hysteresis function. New default target value is -14 dB.



Note: After Updating To To The Latest Version With TG Zone Support:

1) select all TG rows in the talk group editor. 2) Press the <Set Selected Zones> button. 3) Enter 1 for the zone. 4) Press the <Write Talk Groups> button. 5) Make sure the '1' button for the Zones is green. (press if not).

You can select what Zones will be enabled on power-cycle or a read of the configuration from the P25RX device. On the talk group editor tab, there are check-boxes for the zones. Setting these and writing the configuration will determine the default enabled zones on power up.