P25RX-II Software / Firmware

P25RX-II Software / Firmware


You can find the "TESTING" versions of the tree-view-based,scanning release here

latest btt-advanced-db software

You can find the "EXPERIMENTAL" versions of the tree-view-based,scanning release here

latest experimental btt-advanced-db software


LATEST TESTING RELEASE  (non-tree-view version)


06-30_1531 Remove BTT BCalls tab and make BTT BCalls a separate application. Instructions will be on RR and website soon.

06-26_1217 Fix another issue with bcalls support on Windows.

06-25_0210 Fix issue with bcalls support on Windows.

06-24_0618 Add Broadcastify Calls support.

06-20_1619 Add some improvements to prevent potential java software freeze.

06-13_1131 Restore display view window to previously closed position/size on startup.

06-13_0729 Fix mp3/wav file generation issue.

06-09_1857 Rdio-Scanner: Use with v6.4.1-btt3 for dirwatch support with RID in the filename  (#UNIT in the mask). Use the P25 end-of-call to trigger closing of the wav file.

06-09_1212 Fix MP3 audio file recordings. They were broken in recent releases.

06-08_1436 Rdio-Scanner: Use temp.out file for audio output. Don't rename to TG_XXX_.wav until the file is closed.

06-08_0533 Rdio-Scanner: Fix issues with rdio-scanner on Windows platform.

06-05_1607 Rdio-Scanner. Don't allow output files with invalid parts of the filename (sys_id, TG, freq). Invalid names halt conversion.

06-05_1258 Rdio-Scanner: better handling of audio output files. This will fix the issue with playing back from the historical dbase.

06-02 -Update firmware drivers to prevent an ocassional lock-up issue on frequency change.

06-02_1736 Added Rdio-scanner audio support to the PC audio tab.

06-03_1110 Updating the testing branch to what was 03-02_2357. This version has support for the Wio terminal, and the Event Type Logging with the following changes:

-Fixed drivers that could cause a lock-up

-Add Rdio-Scanner support


Will ship with new receivers.


Add custom date, time, date_time formats for logging. 02-10_1045

Fix issue with "separate files by RID". 02-10_0647

Add "separate files by RID" to the PC Audio tab. 02-09_1956

Improve TG CSV / DSD import. (strip garbage characters). Fix issue with window restore size/position on startup. 02-09_1315

Clear skip and enc timeouts when changing frequencies. 02-07_0013

Get rid of delay when activating the TG follow command. 02-06_2341

Add initial support for Wio terminal display. 02-06_1052

May have resolved the audio recording issue that some have been experiencing. 02-04_1922. (VERIFIED FIXED)

Revert some code related to NCO lock for a weak signal when demod mode is CQPSK. 02-04_0214.

P25RX-II Specific Command Page Is Here:

P25RX-II Specific Commands