P25RX-II Software / Firmware

P25RX-II Software / Firmware

Note: After Updating To To The Latest Version With TG Zone Support:

1) select all TG rows in the talk group editor. 2) Press the <Set Selected Zones> button. 3) Enter 1 for the zone. 4) Press the <Write Talk Groups> button. 5) Make sure the '1' button for the Zones is green. (press if not).





DMR: Fix issue with staying on traffic frequency too long when a data sync word is received. 03-01_1007.

Add new $SYNC_COUNT$ keyword. DMR: always capture RID on TG logging. Fix issue with clearing Display View on voice frequency. 03-01_0936

DMR: Fix issue with TG logging and SYS id when in DMR mode. 03-01_0804

add END-CALL event. 02-28_0313 (minor change, informative only)

DMR: fix tg id. Was getting truncated to 16-bits. Now 32-bits. 02-27_1133.

Fix DMR TG log issue. Make "CC Status format" font smaller to allow a longer status string. 02-27_1051.

Fix TG Hold button issue. 02-27_1036.

Display View: Keep most recent information available if "clear on no voice" is not checked. 02-27_0852.

DMR: Fixed another issue with TG display. 02-27_0757.

DMR bugs fixed. 02-27_0723.

Update BLKS_PER_SEC when holding on a TG with roaming mode enabled. 02-27_0529

Fix freq display issue for Wio terminal demo. Fix SIG led indicator. Fix Bluetooth led indicator. 02-72_0451

Improved roaming / scanning multiple systems. 02-26_1934.

Change to speed cycling through CC frequencies in roaming / timeout=0 mode. 02-26_1228.

May fix an issue with missing an active CC in roaming mode 02-26_1147

Couple of minor improvements 02-26_1124

More fixes. Ready for more testing. 02-26_1040

Fixed another VGRANT freq change issue. 02-26_0906

Added freq change EVT. Fixed bug with freq change. 02-26_0854.

Some vgrant / logging fixes. - 02-26_0825

New modulation column in the roaming table allows LSM/CQPSK to be configured per frequency. The <test selected freqs> test will automatically populate the modulation column or it can be manually entered.

Improved roaming performance. For fastest channel switching, set the roaming timeout to 0. This will use the CC status bits to determine if there is activity on the control channel.

New quick buttons for <next frequency> <previous frequency> when roaming mode is not enabled. The frequencies are defined in the roaming table.

New quick button for enable/disable roaming mode.

Hold button now indicates hold status by turning green when holding/following a talk group.

data transfer from the receiver is done with individual packets in binary mode with crc32 checks. Events can be shown in the console. (or disabled). Logging has been greatly improved. No more corruption (even when in roaming mode).


Will ship with new receivers.


Add custom date, time, date_time formats for logging. 02-10_1045

Fix issue with "separate files by RID". 02-10_0647

Add "separate files by RID" to the PC Audio tab. 02-09_1956

Improve TG CSV / DSD import. (strip garbage characters). Fix issue with window restore size/position on startup. 02-09_1315

Clear skip and enc timeouts when changing frequencies. 02-07_0013

Get rid of delay when activating the TG follow command. 02-06_2341

Add initial support for Wio terminal display. 02-06_1052

May have resolved the audio recording issue that some have been experiencing. 02-04_1922. (VERIFIED FIXED)

Revert some code related to NCO lock for a weak signal when demod mode is CQPSK. 02-04_0214.

P25RX-II Specific Command Page Is Here:

P25RX-II Specific Commands