P25RX-II Software / Firmware



Minor change to RX Model 1. 11-29_1827

New "RX Models" selection added to the advanced tab. RX Models will allow the development of selectable receive chain DSP codes. Currently there are two models to choose from. Try them both. You will see the difference in the symbol plots. While the RX Model 0 (default) is similar to previous versions, it is an improvement. A 3rd model is likely to be added in the next release. 11-29_1557.

improved reliability during fw update. (tested on Windows,Mac,Linux) 11-28

Improved reliability,speed for reading/writing Talk groups. (tested on Windows,Mac,Linux)  11-28



More P1 improvements. 11-24_2226

Once again back off on the rotation correction rate. Force silence when the voice error rates are too high (without repeats). 11-24_2117

Add some previously removed code that was fixed for detecting and recovering from missing frame syncs. 11-24_1809.

Attempt to fix an issue where fw update causes a recoverable flash corruption (talk groups must be reloaded). 11-24_1752

Fix an issue in recent versions that was causing END-OF-CALL TDULC to be missed and forcing the receiver to wait until the RF signal was lost before returning to control channel from a voice channel. (11-24_1738).

Apply phase error correction before symbol magnitude normalization. (11-23_1758).

Add secondary signal magnitude normalization to symbols. and slow down phase error correction. (11-23_1210).

Fixed issue with DMR mode showing incorrect BLKS/SEC. (11-23_0647)

This version has a different RF AGC. If you generate an IQ with this file please specify that you used this version.

You can set the gains manual in this version. 

Switch to a standard double-version of pow function (vs a fast one). Results in better quality voice synthesis.

Fix printf functions with interrupt disable/enable. Consistent display in console.


Fix very slow updates reading/writing talk group flash.

Revert back to better sync detection.

Remove unused options on the advanced tab

Add ability to change P1 and P2 sync threshold parameters.

Fix audio / encryption / decoders to work well across available IQ files.


Better sounding audio from java software. (11-20_2121)

Fix new issue with P2 syncs being detected during P1 decode. (11-20_1907)

Fix issues with P25 P2 and DMR frame sync detection due to recent changes (11-20_1446)

Improve sync detection. (11-20_1332)

Fix TG led not active during P2 voice transmission. Adjust audio AGC. (11-20_0843)

Major re-write of the P25 framing/decoding. Improvements to symbol sync. Please test. (11-20_0701).

Fix issue with saveing I/Q files on Windows 10. (11-15_0731).

Slow the AGC gain control rates way down. Add I/Q recording capability. (11-14_1911) Anyone experiencing receive issues on a P25 system should use the new I/Q record feature and send the resulting file via email for analysis. Thank you!

Front-end gain control now works correctly for signals range from -120's to +10 dBm with the auto-gain modes. Press the "Reset To Defaults" button on the advanced tab after intalling.  This will reset the VGA target to a value that varies from receiver dependent on the calibration values. You can override the default target value (lower target = higher gains). (11-13_1708) 

P25RX-II Specific Command Page Is Here:

P25RX-II Specific Commands