P25RX Firmware / Software

P25RX (original model) Software / Firmware

 Note: After Updating To To The Latest Version With TG Zone Support:

1) select all TG rows in the talk group editor. 2) Press the <Set Selected Zones> button. 3) Enter 1 for the zone. 4) Press the <Write Talk Groups> button. 5) Make sure the '1' button for the Zones is green. (press if not).

Latest Version 


2023-01-26_0826 - add vol_right and vol_left commands to allow left/right audio volume adjustments coming from the 3.5mm audio jack.

07-15_0802 Reset USB state machine on loss of sync.

07-14_1859 Fix Broadcastify Calls TG issue with P2 systems.

07-14_1723 Make the "Enable Broadcastify Calls Output" option persisent.

07-14_1215 Attempt to fix issue with Broadcastify Calls output / End-of-call

06-30_1547 Remove BTT BCalls tab and make BTT BCalls a separate application. Instructions will be on RR and website soon.

06-26_1531 Fix another issue with bcalls support on Windows.

06-25_0223 Fix an issue with bcalls support on Windows.

06-24_0715 Add Broadcastify Calls support.

06-13_1916 Fix mp3/wav file generation issue.

06-09_1858 Rdio-Scanner: Use with v6.4.1-btt3 for dirwatch support with RID in the filename  (#UNIT in the mask). Use the P25 end-of-call to trigger closing of the wav file.

06-09_1216 Fix MP3 audio file recordings. They were broken in recent releases.

06-08_1428 Rdio-Scanner: Use temp.out file for audio output. Don't rename to TG_XXX_.wav until the file is closed.

06-08_1220 Rdio-Scanner: Fix audio timer scheduler to be platform independent.

06-08_0438 Rdio-Scanner: Different method for closing files on Windows.

06-07_1829 Rdio-Scanner: Validate talkgroup id for output files.

06-05_1608 Rdio-Scanner. Don't allow output files with invalid parts of the filename (sys_id, TG, freq). Invalid names halt conversion.

06-05_1300 Rdio-Scanner: better handling of audio output files. This will fix the issue with playing back from the historical dbase.

06-03_1005 Fix Rdio-scanner audio file output for Windows platform.

06-02_1650 Add Rdio-Scanner support via the DirWatch feature.

Add custom date, time, date_time formats for logging. 02-10_1045

Fix issue with "separate files by RID". 02-10_0648

Improve TG CSV import. Add "separate files by RID" option to the PC Audio tab. 02-09_2005

Clear skip TG and enc timeouts when changing frequencies. 02-07_0014

Get rid of delay when activating the TG follow command. 02-06_2344

Add initial support for Wio terminal display. 02-06_1033

May have solved the audio recording problem that some have been experiencing. 02-04_1928. (VERIFIED FIXED)

Revert audio configuration back to 02-02_0812.

Allow programming of line-out / Bluetooth audio sample rate. 46 - 50 kHz. 48 kHz nominal. This should allow adjusting for any variations in hardware and Bluetooth speakers. 02-04_1531.

Adjustment to audio clocks. This may solve some audio issues for 3.5mm line-out jack and Bluetooth. 02-04_1029

Optimize Java memory usage. 02-03_1037

Attempt to fix audio recording issue. Changes to the way audio recording files are opened/closed for read/writes. A change to audio archive thread sleep time. 02-02_0812.

Don't calculate audio FFT. 02-02_0745

Remove audio FFT from signal insights (don't draw audio fft) in attempt to fix audio recording / playback issues some are experiencing. 02-02_0123

Revert audio rate back to what it was in version 01-31_0648. Version 01-31_0648 has been confirmed by multiple users (including an area it has never worked well) to be working very well. This version should have the same audio rate and quality, but with some more bug fixes. 01-31_1602.

Fixed SearchDB FreqTest / changed audio config again. 01-31_0922.

Fixed audio issues. 01-31_0648.

Some improvements to the CQPSK demod mode. 01-30_1942

Revert back to earlier version - 01-29_0511

Add CQPSK/C4FM option to P25 demodulation 01-29_0511

Remove options that are no longer needed. 01-29_0444

Fix EVM calc issue

Fix drawing issue on signal insights tab.

Add 4 more TG zones (12 total)

Improvements to demodulation.

Improvements to AGC / RF gain control


Previous Version


Multiple people have reported 01-31_0648 to be a great release for good demod and audio.