P25RX Firmware / Software

P25RX (original model) Software / Firmware


Note: After Updating To To The Latest Version With TG Zone Support:

1) select all TG rows in the talk group editor. 2) Press the <Set Selected Zones> button. 3) Enter 1 for the zone. 4) Press the <Write Talk Groups> button. 5) Make sure the '1' button for the Zones is green. (press if not).

You can select what Zones will be enabled on power-cycle or a read of the configuration from the P25RX device. On the talk group editor tab, there are check-boxes for the zones. Setting these and writing the configuration will determine the default enabled zones on power up.

Latest Version


Remove quck-frequency-buttons until after scanner support is added. 01-09_0946.

Don't force currently selected frequency button to be the current frequency. This was causing issues with conventional mode. The frequency buttons only change frequency when pressed. They are equivalent to the 'freq xxx.xxxxx' command. 01-09_0926

Fix end-of-call silence bug for P25 P1/P2. 01-08_0759

Freq buttons are disabled when roaming is enabled. 01-07_0733

Possible bug fix for RID logging. Don't log until GRP has been parsed on RID line. 01-06_2359.

 Add F1-F8 quick frequency change buttons. Use Shift-Left-Button to set the frequency. 01-06_1256.

Use the GRP id on an RID update as the current TG id. This may help with incorrect TG being logged during a TG interrupt event. 01-06_1012

Fix bug caused by recent change to RID logging on P2 systems. 01-06_0949

Parsing change for RID logging. (make sure the string isn't short before processing).01-04_1133.

Add USB interface speed option to advanced tab and option during firmware updates. 01-04_1016.

Force a re-read of configuration and talk-groups at the end of a firmware update. 01-03_1930.  (no need to update from version 01-03_1831).

Add short internal delay after pressing a TG zone button. This may help with a potential lock-up issue. 01-03_1831.

Add "Set Selected Zones" button to talk group editor. Add "ENCRYPTED" trigger option to TG logging. Fix bug with loggin encrypted TG. Fix issue with saving status format. 01-03_1714

Fix bug in TG Zone support 01-02_1319.


STABLE Version



--------------------------RECENT CHANGE LOG-----------------------

Fix bug where encrypted audio is output when it should not be. 12-31_1845

Fix bug with P25 P1 encryption detection / loop.  12-31_1750.

Fix bug in 12-31_0615 that was causing "talk group changed" and return to CC 12-31_0702

Add error correction code for LDU2 encryption algorithm decode and RID / ADJ TG information. Result is more reliable and faster decoding of encryption algorithm,  RID information, and TG priority. 12-31_0615

Add CPU usage options to the signal insights tab. 12-31_0310

Add "Audio AGC Max" to P25RXConfig tab. Try lowering this value to 0.5 if you hear any audio clipping for loud speakers on the system. 12-30_1349.

Improve P25 P2 encryption handling. 12-30_0128

Fix the issue with disabled "allow encrypted audio". 12-29_2128.

Detect Encryption in the HDU and process before audio starts. 12-29_1710

Fix date/time formatting error. 12-24_0803

Fix loop for "Uknown ENC ALG". 12-22_1622.

Add $BLKS_SEC$ to <show keywords>. 12-22_1418

Add status line area format strings for custom display. 12-22_1412

Add hold/skip buttons to global status area (as per dispatchgeeks's suggestion). 12-21_1806.

Attempt to fix P1 encryption detection isssue. 12-21_0538

Attempt to fix "fast encryption detection" based on first feedback. 12-18_2009

Recmeta files have CRLF placed at the end of line instead of beginning. 12-18_1152

Faster disable for P1 encrypted communications. 12-18_0740

Process encryption information in P1 HDU frames. 12-18_0652

Improved firmware update process. Has been verified to be glitch-free on at least 1 Windows 10 system. 12-17_1421

Add extra delay to BTConfig sleep functions. This may help with the fw update issues some are experiencing. 12-17_0713

Add <Record To IQ File> function for debugging. 12-15_1638.

Add EVM calculations and display. 12-14_0545.

Add DMR restore/backup functionality. Switch to RX Model 0 (dmr didn't work well with RX Model 3), Remove un-used options from advanced tab. 12-14_0314

Huge firmware udpate ported from P25RX-II development. Too many improvements to list.

P25 P1 completely re-written (much improved audio output)

New advanced options supporting "RX Models". The default RX Model is 3. Experiment with the various receive models and report what works best for your system.

P1 and P2 sync thresholds. Default is 2 for P1 and 0 for P2. Don't set P2 too high. Try max of 2.

There were 90+ files affected by this update, so there may be some new bugs. Please report them.


  • revert back to 11-16_2326 (stable)
  • Updates from P25RX-II development. (11-16_2326)
  • Fix issues with DMR BLK_PER_SEC display. (11-10_1007)
  • Decoder related improvements. (11-10_0702)
  • Fix issue with display view of RID / Alias. (11-09_1936)
  • Several bug fixes to TG logging and the trigger options. (11-09_1518)
  • P2 audio issues should be resolved. Voice frame repeat setting made less confusing. (11-09_0840).
  • Allow voice frame repeats to be disabled with a value of -3. This is now the default. This version will reset the configuration to defaults. (11-09_0431)
  • TG log editor default includes "voice audio trigger". (11-08_2214)
  • Device no longer sends command to flush audio buffer to java software (11-08_1646)
  • Prevent java-audio-buffer underruns. (11-08_1450)
  • More P2-related changes (11-08_1422)
  • Fix issue when importing more than 4915 talk groups. They import fine, but were ignored. (11-08_1044)
  • Add recent voice decoding improvements from P25RX-II. (11-08_0226)
  • Add Max V-Frame repeat option to advanced. The value can be 0 to 10. This was previously hardcoded to 99. This value is added to an internal minimum of 3. Please experiment with this value. Try 0 and 10. Which is better? (11-07_0550) This value determines the maximum number times the last good voice synth coefficients can be reused on frames that have errors as described in TIA-102.BABA (section 5.6)
  • Fix issue with P25 P2 audio voice frame repeats. (11-06_1138)
  • Fix several new bugs related to recent changes. Most of them related to log files. Also adding secondaries, neighbors automatically to roaming flash. (11-06_1048)
  • Add multiple TG log trigger options. (11-06_1027)
  • Fix issue with RID logging and TDMA_CC parsing of $V_FREQ$. (11-06_0726)
  • Fix issue with date-time rollover at midnight for log/recording files. (11-05_2227)
  • Fix $V_FREQ$ and vertical scrollbar for TG log. (11-05_1511)
  • Major update to voice decoding / synthesis! (11-05_0501).
  • Auto-scroll to bottom of TG log on adding a new record. (11-05_0330)
  • add import/export to TG log format editor (11-05_0307)