MicroP25RX and Wio Firmware

FCC Search DB Files Unzip these files to the uSD card for the Zip Code Search fucntion. The fcc_user.csv file is user-editable entries for the search.

FW Update Instructions
MicroP25RX_FW_Win_V2_1.pdf (updated 11-17-22) -goldmyne99

MicroP25RX FW 2022-11-14-05  Units shipped on 11/18 or earlier shipped with this version. No need to update.

Wio Terminal MicroP25RX FW CURRENT-2022-11-19-02.UF2  ( requires fw 11-14-05 loaded on the MicroP25RX)

Update 111901 - The DISABLE TG function will disable the TG if it is in TG HOLD / Follow mode.

Update 111902 - The left-top button, when held long (>1 sec), is a shortcut from the monitor mode to config mode->edit menu



MicroP25RX FW 2022-11-25-02 

Wio Terminal MicroP25RX FW CURRENT-2022-11-25-01.UF2 (use with 11-25-02)


  • Fix for p25rx alias file import


  • Show demod mode on the signals display
  • Learn mode timeout is 30 seconds after enabling learn mode. Enabling learn mode will force re-learning CC information. During the learn mode timeout period, voice-traffic grants will be ignored. Learn mode is automatically enabled after manually entering a new frequency.


  • Fix issue with changing demod mode.
  • Show ENCRYPTED brielfly on display when encrypted transmission is detected.
  • Improved TDMA audio decode from version 11-23-02


  • This version may improve P2/TDMA decodes. If you give this alternate fw a try, then please report results via email. Initial feedback has been good. Thank you.


  • Fix issue with "allow unknown talk groups". Disable TG that have alpha tag of UNKNOWN when "allow unknown TG" is disabled.
  • In SIGNALS mode, top-left button enables/disables scanning (if roaming mode enabled), top-middle button save gain config, top-right button changes demod mode.


  • Fix gain control, save configuration
  • Add SD Card Formatter to the SD menu


  • Added adjustable gains per-site
  • Fixed DSD TG import issues

Select the site you want to change gains for, then press the mode button (joystick press-in). Select SIGNALS

Joystick up / down selects the gain you want to change.
Joystick left / right, increase / decrease the gain

The gain ranges for LNA, MIXER, VGA is 1 - 15. If you go above 15, then it switches to AUTO mode for that gain.

After configuring the gains to achieve the best EVM / performance, then press the TOP-MIDDLE button to save the configuration for that SITE. The gains are unique to WACN-SYSID-SITEID-RFSSID



  • At least 10x speed up when importing TG, ALIAS and when doing a RESTORE.
  • Much improved importing of DSD TG files. Including priorities, and Normal/ L/O status. Also allows spaces in the fields.
  • Fixed the lockup bug when changing DEMOD for the first time after flash reset to defaults. (not 100% sure this is fixed. needs more testing).
  • Allow changing of frequency with the joystick when voice is decoding