Firmware History

2023-01-26_0826 - add vol_right and vol_left commands to allow left/right audio volume adjustments coming from the 3.5mm audio jack.

07-15_0802 Reset USB state machine on loss of sync.

07-14_1859 Fix Broadcastify Calls TG issue with P2 systems.

07-14_1723 Make the "Enable Broadcastify Calls Output" option persisent.

07-14_1215 Attempt to fix issue with Broadcastify Calls output / End-of-call

06-30_1547 Remove BTT BCalls tab and make BTT BCalls a separate application. Instructions will be on RR and website soon.

06-26_1531 Fix another issue with bcalls support on Windows.

06-25_0223 Fix an issue with bcalls support on Windows.

06-24_0715 Add Broadcastify Calls support.

06-13_1916 Fix mp3/wav file generation issue.

06-09_1858 Rdio-Scanner: Use with v6.4.1-btt3 for dirwatch support with RID in the filename  (#UNIT in the mask). Use the P25 end-of-call to trigger closing of the wav file.

06-09_1216 Fix MP3 audio file recordings. They were broken in recent releases.

06-08_1428 Rdio-Scanner: Use temp.out file for audio output. Don't rename to TG_XXX_.wav until the file is closed.

06-08_1220 Rdio-Scanner: Fix audio timer scheduler to be platform independent.

06-08_0438 Rdio-Scanner: Different method for closing files on Windows.

06-07_1829 Rdio-Scanner: Validate talkgroup id for output files.

06-05_1608 Rdio-Scanner. Don't allow output files with invalid parts of the filename (sys_id, TG, freq). Invalid names halt conversion.

06-05_1300 Rdio-Scanner: better handling of audio output files. This will fix the issue with playing back from the historical dbase.

06-03_1005 Fix Rdio-scanner audio file output for Windows platform.

06-02_1650 Add Rdio-Scanner support via the DirWatch feature.

Add custom date, time, date_time formats for logging. 02-10_1045

Fix issue with "separate files by RID". 02-10_0648

Improve TG CSV import. Add "separate files by RID" option to the PC Audio tab. 02-09_2005

Clear skip TG and enc timeouts when changing frequencies. 02-07_0014

Get rid of delay when activating the TG follow command. 02-06_2344

Add initial support for Wio terminal display. 02-06_1033

May have solved the audio recording problem that some have been experiencing. 02-04_1928. (VERIFIED FIXED)

Revert audio configuration back to 02-02_0812.

Allow programming of line-out / Bluetooth audio sample rate. 46 - 50 kHz. 48 kHz nominal. This should allow adjusting for any variations in hardware and Bluetooth speakers. 02-04_1531.

Adjustment to audio clocks. This may solve some audio issues for 3.5mm line-out jack and Bluetooth. 02-04_1029

Optimize Java memory usage. 02-03_1037

Attempt to fix audio recording issue. Changes to the way audio recording files are opened/closed for read/writes. A change to audio archive thread sleep time. 02-02_0812.

Don't calculate audio FFT. 02-02_0745

Remove audio FFT from signal insights (don't draw audio fft) in attempt to fix audio recording / playback issues some are experiencing. 02-02_0123

Revert audio rate back to what it was in version 01-31_0648. Version 01-31_0648 has been confirmed by multiple users (including an area it has never worked well) to be working very well. This version should have the same audio rate and quality, but with some more bug fixes. 01-31_1602.

Fixed SearchDB FreqTest / changed audio config again. 01-31_0922.

Fixed audio issues. 01-31_0648.

Some improvements to the CQPSK demod mode. 01-30_1942

Revert back to earlier version - 01-29_0511

Add CQPSK/C4FM option to P25 demodulation 01-29_0511

Remove options that are no longer needed. 01-29_0444

Fix EVM calc issue

Fix drawing issue on signal insights tab.

Add 4 more TG zones (12 total)

Improvements to demodulation.

Improvements to AGC / RF gain control


Previous Version


Multiple people have reported 01-31_0648 to be a great release for good demod and audio.




Some previous stable versions:

BTConfig-2020-11-15_0633 (Previous Stable)

BTConfig-2021-01-05_1304 (Previous Stable)

BTConfig-2021-02-23_1415 (Previous Stable)

BTConfig-2021-02-24_1047 (Previous Stable)

BTConfig-2021-03-10_0709 (Previous Stable)

Note: after installing versions later than 03-21_2028, downgrading to previous versions prior to ver 03-21_2028 requires using the 'TG Hold for 10 seconds during power-up method".



This version will ship with new receivers. This version has improved audio and several bug fixes. It appears to be the best release to date.

Please report bugs. Phase II testing needed.
See P25RX Tips And Tricks for more information on the changes to roaming.

  • Improvements To Phase II decoding (02/17, V _1118)
    -Add support for P2 Tones ( _1118)
    -Add "en enc audio" option to advanced tab. (_1118)
    -Disable Encrypted Audio output
    -Only output audio for the talk group currently being monitored.
    -Use the MAC_PTT_END signal to return to control channel.
    -Utilize MAC_HANGTIME signal to stay on voice channel during silent periods.
    -Add SRC_UID to TG Log.
  • Attempt to fix issue with sudden drop to 0 blks/sec rx that some users have reported. (02/15)
  • Improved roaming/scanning. Tracks up to 16 control channels dynamically and persistently across frequency changes.
  • Add support for NXDN voice channel scanning.


  • Add column sorting to RID values.
  • Fix more issues with alias/rid tab. Add support for import alias csv file. Alias file is now stored as ~/Documents/p25rx/MAC_ID_XXX/p25rx_aliases.csv
  • Recover from BLKS/SEC drop to zero (VERIFIED FIXED) (_1237)
  • optimization to prevent slugish response. (_0444)
  • Added alias table-row highlighting for the most recent transmissions.
  • RID/Alias values are stored by P25RX MAC ID
  • Make P2 Tone volume a factor 100x less, then make the default value 1.0
  • Change UID to RID (radio id)
  • Add alias support (_1409)
  • Fix issue with P25_reinit option / frequency testing. (_1329)
  • p25_reinit option is off by default (_1550).
  • Add P25 PII Tone Volume Adjustment (_1018)
  • Add option to disable Phase II Tone output (0219_0855)
  • Major improvement to P1 audio.
  • P25 P1 ends call if grpaddr changes during call.
  • P25 P1 TG/UID logging working with conventional mode.
  • Fix for potential dropped grants in P1
  • Add UID logging for Phase 1, log multiple UID during conversation.
  • Added support for import of DSDPlus Talk Group CSV files.
    See Tips page for more information on the new DSDPlus TG file import
  • BTConfig-2021-02-24_1047
  • Don't disable "Test Selected Frequencies" and "Set Frequency As Primary" buttons.
  • Show the type of standard-type encryption used in the console when disabling audio due to ENC (DES, Triple DES, AES-256)
  • BTConfig-2021-03-08_1418
  • attempt to improve catching beginning of conversation on p2 audio. (_1418)
  • Fix issue that could cause no audio output for a phase II grant (_1216)
  • UNDO THIS CHANGE (_1327) Change Phase II audio buffer drain code Please report if better or worse?
  • Attempt to fix potential "lock up" issue. (_1119)
  • reduce voice-audio buffering time. (_0546)
  • Fix delay error in _1559. Please use this version instead.

  • BTConfig-2021-03-10_0709
    (Alt Testing 03-10_0709) This version has most of the improvements over the stable version up through 03-09, but without the USB-lockup issue on versions that were tested from 3/7 to 3/9
  • Fixes issue that may cause a device reset when enabling Bluetooth. (_0709)
  • May fix issue with "unknown talk groups" showing up when the option to allow them is disabled. ( _0709)
  • BTConfig-2021-03-21_2028 (Testing)
  • Fix choppy audio issue if you have large numbers of talk groups defined. (_2028)
  • added roam button option. (_1343)
  • add 's' skip tg console command (_1103)
  • disable roaming by button causes return to primary control channel. (_1103)
  • Add quad-click button options / roaming enable/disable via button. (_0812)
  • read talk groups from the receiver faster (_1750)
  • Fix issue if there are 4915 (max) talk groups. (_1737)
  • Disable "display" binary output. (_0611)
  • P25 - Fix ocassional missing audio at the start. (_0536)
  • Change delay functions. Fix MacOS issues? (_2106)
  • attempt to fix BTConfig lock-up issue (_1836)
  • Added user definable skip talk group time in minutes. (_1733)
  • Button configuration added.
  • added skip tg function (via button)
  • added en/dis unknown tg via button
  • Fixed issue for systems that transmit channel grants with a talk group id of 0
  • Changed RF fast agc response after freq change from 100ms to 50ms.
    NOTE: This version will reset the configuration to default values. ( you will have to re-enter the primary CC frequency)
  • BTConfig 2021-03-25_0703
  • VERIFIED FIXED - Show 'GRANT_0x03_EXPLICIT_MANF_0x00' in console if the previously missing voice grant type is received. (_0703)
  • VERIFIED FIXED - Some more adjustments to talk group import functions for Mac OS. (_0703)
  • reset base frequency tables on commands 'freq' and 'save'. (_0703)
  • BTConfig-2021-04-11_1224
  • Updated Frequency database (April 2021)
  • Fix issue with missing RID values in TG log entries. Not a firmware update (_1214)
  • Don't disable talk groups with encryption, only mute audio if configured that way. (_0908)
  • Attempt to fix issue with missing TG logs for Phase II systems. (_1155)
  • Increase max number of roaming frequencies to 64 vs 16 previously. (_1653)
  • Allow ref frequency up to 40000500 Hz for potential TCXO replacement part. (still testing)
  • Increase TDMA timeout for lost signal (low sig or no sync) (_0803) VERIFIED FIX for StarCom21 network
  • Improved frequency search. (_2041)
  • Some voice grant handling changed to not require that manf_id==0x00. VERIFIED FIX for StarCom21 network

  • 2021-04-20_1234
  • add P1/P2 string to logs
  • Fix audio tone issues with P1.
  • update to phase 2 RID handling. (_0247)
  • Audio improvement (_1159)
  • Added "auto populate table" option to talk group editor.
  • Bug fixes related to roaming mode and faster sync on freq changes. (_0948)
  • minor display related change (_1600)
  • Fix bug with "Return to CC on encryption" option for phase 1 system. (_1335)
  • Fix excessive "Encrypted Talkgroup" logging on TDMA systems. (_1427)
  • Add "Return To Control Channel When Encrypted" option to advanced tab (_1055)
  • Add programmable playback sample rate to audio output device on "PC Audio" tab (_1626)
  • Bug fixes related to TG Log / RID / Alias (_1718)
  • Changes to audio. (_1718)
  • Fix bug with Search DB tab in previous 2 test releases (_0859)
  • Don't display Alias in TG log when RID=0 (_0754)
  • Add advanced option to allow TG logging of transmissions with RID=0 (_0736)


    <li>Force audio sample rate for BTConfig to be 48000 (_0658)
    <li>Another audio agc change (_1545)
    <li>Store "enable visuals" selection so it isn't reset to default on program restart. (_1459)
    <li>Another change to audio AGC (_1421)
    <li>Add "enable visuals" option in the advanced tab. (_1513)
    <li>Change to audio AGC to keep level good for Bluetooth after the AGC buffer length change. (_1345)
    <li>revert back to 48kHz playback and change audio AGC buffer len. (_2222)
    <li>Fixed potential issue with new TG priority interrupt (_1724)
    <li>Add allow talk group priority interrupt option to advanced tab. (_1615)
    <li>Extra step to make sure that DMR mode is detected correctly. (_1543)
    <li>Fix issue with DMR talk group lookup (_1256)
    <li>Revert java audio back to _1306
    <li>Audio related changes to BTConfig (_1516)  (REMOVED)
    <li>Try alternate USB TX method. (_1306)
    <li>VERIFIED FIX. Attempt to fix P2 choppy audio caused by recent changes. (_1153)
    <li>Add follow TG and skip TG buttons on the console tab. (_0909)
    <li>Skipping a talk group via the 's' command disables the talk group priority interrupt for that group. (04-26_0603)
    <li>Following a talk group disables the talk group priority interrupt. (04-26_0518)
    <li>Changes related to TG interrupt. (_1220)
    <li>Add real-time TG priority interrupt for P1/P2. Untested for P2. (_1133)
    <li>Clear status text after a period of inactivity (_1559)
    <li>minor changes. (_0745)
    <li>Fix new issue with encrypted audio muting. Roaming mode forced to disabled if operating mode is not P25 or NXDN. (_0925)
    <li>Add better column sorting to Alias tab. (_1825)
    <li>Fix DMR / Phase 2 that was broken in previous testing version from earlier today (04-21) _1407

    BTConfig 2021-05-08_2153

  • Fix alias import issue. (_2123)
  • Improved performance on VA STARS VHF (_1939)
  • Save alias edits on exiting software (_1939)
  • Fix TG priority interrupt. (05-08_0546)
  • Increase voice timeout. Ends call if end-of-conversation not received first (_0913)
  • Reduce audio buffering and fast agc time. Should result in less missed start of conversation. (_0832)
  • TG priority lookup always returns a value of 1 when "tg priority interrupt" is disabled on the advanced tab. (_1520)
  • Add option for processing RID/ALias in advanced tab. (_1509)
  • Fix what looks like a non-initialized pointer. (_1451)
  • Fix some obvious audio issues (_1401)
  • revert nac validation. May help with VHF systems (05-06_0011)
  • back to 05-02_1850
  • audio issues may be resolved (_1850)
  • Revert more code that may affect audio (_1850)
  • Revert USB Tx to be indentical to code in 2021-04-02_0803.
  • Add audio mute button.

    Please test various P1 and P2 filter BW settings on the advanced tab and report findings. Thank you!

  • Change suggested P2 filter BW range.
  • Allow changing audio playback rate.
  • Brief 440 Hz tone added to the beginning of a TG priority interrupt event.
  • Add P25P1, P25P2 to status labels for control and voice channels.
  • Make 15.6 kHz default bw for P1. (_0555)
  • add labels describing good bw ranges for P1,P2 (_0555)
  • fix issue with P1 encrypted detection (_1546)
  • Add P25 P2 channel filter bw adjustment to advanced.
  • Change default channel filter bandwidths for both P25 P1 and P2.
  • This version will reset configuration to default values.
  •  BTConfig-2021-05-23_0456

  • Add 2nd TG check back in for voice grants with 2 specified. (_0456)
  • Simplify TG priority code. (_1313)
  • Dont allow TG updates during call (_1232)
  • change to synth cal
  • auto scale symbol plot data in P25RX fw.
  • BTConfig-2021-06-13_0711 (Experimental)
  • Save city,state,zipcode on software close. Optimize some speech synth code. (_0711)
  • Skip command/button imemdiately returns to control channel. (_1141)
  • Attempt to fix ocassional audio repeat. (_1141)
  • Remove p25_reinit command (_2157)
  • Fix an issue with TDU "sync status" on the signal insights tab (_0743)
  • Update MCU peripheral drivers. Issue with Windows not recognizing the device on re-boot appears to be fixed (06-02_1651)
  • re-use previous good voice audio when FEC fails. (_2118) -definitely an improvement for mobile in weak signal areas
  • Fix talk group info for P25 conventional mode.
  •  BTConfig-2021-07-17_1902 (Testing)
  • Fix RSSI font issue (_1901)
  • Fix roaming issues related to freq error correction. May improve non-roaming operation as well (_1706)
  • Display the MCU version on the P25RX Config tab. (_1200)
  • Fix audio buffer flush issue when playback is BTConfig software. (_1144)
  • Add several MCU clock speed selections to advanced menu. (_0829)
  • BTConfig-2021-07-24_0403 (Testing)
  • Run MCU at 408 MHz to get exact USB clock of 48 MHz with PLL1 source. Add short us-delay prior to audio-over-USB if previous USB transmission in-progress. (_0403)
  • Attempt to fix issue with TG log / RSSI update stopping after a period. (_2046)
  • Minor change related to audio that only affects Linux (_1952)
  • Fix skip talk group issue when roaming is enabled.
  • BTConfig-2021-07-26_2156 (Testing)
  • TDMA CC, fix issue with adjacent, secondary table population (_2156)
  • TDMA_CC Display P25P2 control channel in BTConfig Status area (_2104)
  • TDMA_CC: Fix site_id, rfss_id display in BTConfig (_2035)
  • Fix "Return to Control" in TDMA_CC mode (_2014)
  • TDMA_CC: Fix "no audio" message (_2014)
  • Change to audio delay (_1953)
  • fix issue with base frequency and BTConfig "log to file". (_1921)
  • Fix another issue related to voice grants. Add code to build alternate/secondary site tables. use 'ls altcc' to list alternate/secondary sites.(_1718)
  • Fix issue with IDEN updates. base frequency added to table wrong. (_1555)
  • Add extra voice grant logging information to the TDMA CC mode. (_1250)
  • Initial TDMA Control Channel support (including voice grants) -Not tested. (_1219)
  • BTConfig-2021-07-29_0405 (Testing)
  • TDMA CC: fix FDMA IDEN (_0405)
  • TDMA CC: don't reinit the scrambler matrix on a voice grant. (_2011)
  • TDMA CC: show correct MCO values for voice grants in log. (_1819)
  • 'ls altcc' shows secondary intead of alternate. (_1705)
  • TDMA CC mode. Fix frequency display for 'ls altcc' command. Don't output to console when "enter commands" is selected. (_1659)
  • attempt to fix issue with TG / GUI display issue. Changes related to end-of-call / new TDMA CC mode. (_0631)
  • Update jSerialcomm to version 2.6.3-beta in attempt to support newer Mac M1 systems. Another change to audio (_0445)
  • TDMA_CC: attempt to fix issue with 'ls altcc' and voice grants. (_0404)
  • Fix recent changes to audio? (_2206)
  • Initial TDMA CC support

  • BTConfig-2021-08-31_1618 (Testing)
  • Add audio buffer fill indicator to BTConfig (08-31_1618)
  • Attempt to fix intermittant lock-up issue based on user-provided error log (08-31_1601)
  • More audio improvements. (08-30_1511)
  • Calibrate RSSI, New audio buffer thread handler (better audio). New Signal Insights look. (08-28_1712)
  • Increase size of TG log history by 4x. (08-27_2208)
  • Audio related (reduced delays)(08-26_1423)
  • Attempt to fix lock-up issue (08-22_1100)
  • Add more error outputs to stdout for debug. (_1029)
  • Faster symbol plot draw rate. (_1256)
  • Check voice frame buffers at a higher rate (_1043)
  • Fix RSSI stops updating after a period of time issue. (_0521)
  • Improve validation of RID values (_0334)
  • Higher resolution symbol plot. Add initial support for channel equalization. (_1401)
  • Don't bump the hang time for an IDLE P2 channel. (prevent getting stuck on a voice channel) _0821
  • TDMA CC: show correct voice grant frequency in log. (_1547)
  • BTConfig-2021-09-23_1328 (Testing)


  • Fix issue with mp3 silence on end-of-call. Audio buffer is always half-full. Only tested on Linux. (0923_1328)
  • Add audio-silence option for end-of-call recording. Only tested with wav file output (09-23_0735)
  • Attempt to fix audio-related issue caused by changes in previous release. (09-22_1817)
  • Audio change to BTConfig playback. Short segments of audio that don't trigger playback are forced to play after 250ms. (09-22_0844)
  • add WACN,SYSID to audio output and log file names. (09-21_1959)
  • Create separate HOLD_EVENT audio file output on a TG hold event. Add 'frequency' to the header of log files. (09-20_2035)
  • add frequency to new affiliation, emergency log file output. (09-20_1229)
  • Add two new log files for affiliation and emergency messages from the control channel (09-19_1708).
  • Fix recmeta date-rollover issue (09-18_0156)
  • Fix new issue with audio underrun. (09-17_2220)
  • Put p25rx_recmeta and p25rx_alias files back where they were in previous releases and not in the user-programmable audio-output folder. (09-17_2201)
  • Minor change (09-17_2049)
  • Fix issue with audio quality of mp3/wav files on Windows. (09-17_2017)
  • Added new audio options. MP3 quality, Wav file option, separate files per Talkgroup, and other. Thanks to Rusty Hodge and SomaFM for funding this development!(09-17_1437)
  • Prevent binary data from being sent when pro96_en is set to 1. (09-16_1207)
  • Attempt to fix TDMACC pro96_en support (09-15_1038)
  • Allow pro96_en output for some TSBK-style messages when in TDMACC mode. (09-15_0841)
  • Add support for Pro96Com via 'pro96_en 1' command. (09-15_0005)
  • revert recent changes to USB code in attempt to fix lockup issue (09-08_0727)
  • completely clear alt cc list on freq change. (09-08_0713).
  • Fix issue with 'ls altcc' command (09-08_0322)
  • Fix issue with leds during P2/TDMA voice.
  • -------------------------------------------------------------------------



    Fix stuttering audio issue during P1 tones. (10-31_1911).


    Fix issue causing some missing audio.  / audio related. (10-31_1826)

    sync-related improvements. Change cutoff of voice low-pass filter. (10-31_1058)

    display view: $FREQ$ always shows tuned frequency. Added $LCN$ keyword (current channel#, currently only updates on voice grants) (10-30_1122)

    Reverted most of yesterdays changes to voice frame error handling. (10-30_0926)

    Change default AGC BW back to a value of 0.2

    Increase symbol sync lpf value from 0.001 to 0.004 for faster sync PLL lock time.




    Fix bug related to P2/DMR voice frame error handling (10-29_1456)

    Another change to voice frame error handling (10-29_1435)

    Improvements to error handling of voice frames for P1, P2, DMR (10-29_1326)

    Fix issue with previous release causing reset. More AGC adjustments. (10-29_0939)

    VGA step=10ms default. More changes to error handling. (10-28_2015)

    Changes to error detection / correction (10-28_1910)

    Voice frames sent from the P25RX-II to the BTCFG software are now retransmitted/acknowledged. (10-25_1914)

    Change in system I/O timing (10-24_1054)

    When roaming is enabled and timeout is '0', gains are always AUTO mode and VGA step time is 10ms. (10-24_0942)

    Add Hold and Skip buttons to the display view (10-23_2312)

    Set vga gain to AUTO when flash is recovered. This version will reset the configuration. (10-23_2221)

    Change serial comm parameter for max blocking time on reads (10-23_2215)

    Increase max number of talk group records from 4915 to 6553. Faster i/o (fw update, TG flash, etc). (10-23_0733)

    Display View: fix "clear on no voice" flicker issue. (10-21_1806)

    Revert firmware / flash speed updates (10-21_0949) Will revisit later.





    This version uses an alternate mode for the soft AGC. It uses minimum peaks (vs rms)  for the gain calculations over a period of symbols. This is similar to the AGC fw on the P25RX. This has been reported to work better than the rms-calculations for some. This version will reset the configuration. Other changes to the defaults include LNA = fixed 20dB gain, VGA target of 60dB, and VGA step time of 10ms.

  • BTConfig-2021-10-31_1523 (Latest Testing P25RX)

  • Keep window size and position within reasonable limits. Add $LCN$ keyword and make $FREQ$ keyword always show tuned frequency. (10-31_1523)
  • Add Hold and Skip buttons to the display view tab. (10-23_2310)
  • Increase max # of talk groups from 4915 to 6553. (more than enough to hold all of MARCS) (10-23_0159)
  • Add "read roaming flash" button to the SearchDB tab. (10-22_0910)
  • Fix Display View flicker issue for "clear on voice" (10-21_1805)
  • Add "Reset To Defaults" to display view editor. (10-20_2245)
  • Fix#2 WACN display issue in TDMA CC mode (10-20_1857)
  • Display View: Fix bug causing enable/disable check-boxes not being saved/restored.
  • Attempt to make system timing consistent across Linux, Windows, Mac platforms. Not tested at all on Windows yet (10-20_1016).
  • Attempt to fix WACN display issue in TDMA CC mode (10-20_0701)
  • Display View: Fix $RID$ keyword for P25RX, add $CC_FREQ$ and $V_FREQ$ (10-19_1616)
  • Add display view tab for the customizable display of system information. (10-19_0520)
  • Disable populating roaming table from CC when roaming is enabled. (10-16_1955)
  • Get rid of duplicate frequencies in zip search.
  • Get roaming in TDMA CC mode working (10-13_0706)
  • Fix output text for Cap+ system (10-11_1421)
  • Closing Gen Sys Info window should not close the application. fixed (10-11_0947)
  • FIXED firmware issue causing temporary brick. (10-10_1057)
  • Add GenSysInfo button (10-10_0740)
  • Add option for populating roaming table with primary,secondary,neighbor sites from CC. (10-09_2054)
  • Attempt to get DMR Cap+ voice working (10-09_1548)
  • New hpf_cut, and hpf_gain commands. See Tips/Tricks for more info. (09-30_1053)
  • Improved P25 P2 sync detection!! (09-30_1053)
  • LATEST RELEASE 01-29_1944 - This version will ship with new receivers.


    Fix minor bug. 01-29_1914

    Revert back to different phase error calculation and EVM calculation. 01-29_1858.

    Increase order of the channel filter. 01-29_1330

    Fix bug that was causing a DMR frequency to be used on power-up when in P25 mode. Disable "find min vga gain" button for now. Use AUTO mode. 01-29_0634.

    Remove unneeded options from advanced tab. 01-29_0446

    Fix EVM calculations. for P25 P1/P2. 01-29_0411

    Optimization of channel filter bandwidths. 01-28_1242

    Huge improvement to the DSP code!!!!  01-28_1129

    Fix EVM calc issue

    Fix drawing issue on signal insights tab.

    Add more zones. (total of 12)

    Improvements to demod


    PREVIOIUS RELEASE 01-24_1017

    This version will ship with new receivers. This may be the last version before scanning profiles are added to the firmware / software. If you are monitoring a simulcast system, then try selecting the LSM-simulcast demod option and enable the equalizer for the best performance.


    Remove debug code that was enabled with the TG hold button. 01-24_1017

    Significant improvement to the LSM demodulator resulting in imrproved EVM. 01-24_0649.

    Re-initialize equalizer coefficients on a frequency change. 01-23_2339

    Channel equalizer now works in both modulation modes. VGA gain now defaults to AUTO. The VGA Calibration has been renamed to "Find Min VGA Gain". It is usually better to set the VGA gain to AUTO. If you do set it to manual, then don't set it any less the the reported minimum. In fact, set it 6 dB higher unless you are dealing with very hot signals and want manual control. Fixed issue where P25 P2 was always reporting LSM for the demod. 01-23_1837.

    Change to the parameters that lock-in equalizer trained coefficients. 01-23_1434

    Equalizer training period after a frequency change is 4800 symbols with a good EVM. 01-23_1233.

    Added a LMS (least-mean squares) channel equalizer for the LSM (linear simulcast modulation) demod mode. ( tighter symbol clusters, better EVM). 01-23_1003.

    Fix bug causing TG LED to get stuck on in some cases. 01-23_0825

    Minor change to EVM display in CQPSK/P2 mode. 01-23_0613

    Faster EVM updates. P2 verified to work in LSM and CQPSK modes. 01-23_0051.

    Fixed $P25_MODE$ display when on CC.  Changed LSM demod. 01-22_2211.

    The terminology for the demodulators has changed to avoid confusion. The options are now:  LSM Simulcast (was previously labeled CQPSK),  and  CQPSK/C4FM

    There are new channel filter options.  AUTO will select 8.1 kHz for CQPSK and 8.7 kHz for LSM-Simulcast.

    Added "enable voice frame repeat" option on the advanced page. This will reuse voice frame coefficents on voice frames with too many errors. It may help keep the voice from being choppy, but may also introduce weird noises if there are lots of errors. If you disable this, then voice frames with too many errors will be replaced with silence.

    The default AGC target level is now -10 dB, RF Hysteresis is 6 dB.




    Note: After Updating To To The Latest Version With TG Zone Support:

    1) select all TG rows in the talk group editor. 2) Press the <Set Selected Zones> button. 3) Enter 1 for the zone. 4) Press the <Write Talk Groups> button. 5) Make sure the '1' button for the Zones is green. (press if not).

    You can select what Zones will be enabled on power-cycle or a read of the configuration from the P25RX device. On the talk group editor tab, there are check-boxes for the zones. Setting these and writing the configuration will determine the default enabled zones on power up.


    Remove quck-frequency-buttons until after scanner support is added. 01-09_0946.

    Don't force currently selected frequency button to be the current frequency. This was causing issues with conventional mode. The frequency buttons only change frequency when pressed. They are equivalent to the 'freq xxx.xxxxx' command. 01-09_0926

    Fix end-of-call silence bug for P25 P1/P2. 01-08_0758

    Freq buttons are disabled when roaming is enabled. 01-07_0733

    Possible bug fix for RID logging. Don't log until GRP has been parsed on RID line. 01-06_2359.

    Add F1-F8 quick frequency change buttons. Use Shift-Left-Button to set the frequency. 01-06_1245.

    Use the GRP id on an RID update as the current TG id. This may help with incorrect TG being logged during a TG interrupt event. 01-06_1027

    Fix new issue with logging RIDs on P2 system. 01-06_0949

    Revert change to emulate 11-24 version. Effectively back to 01-04_1131 (with a couple of fixes). 01-04_1359.

    More changes to emulate the configuration of version 2021-11-24 by default. This will reset the configuration. 01-04_1300.

    Make changes to the AGC auto-gains, RX Model 4, change default AGC hysteresis, change default ADC config to work as it did in version 2021-11-24.

    Parsing change for RID logging. (make sure the line isn't short before processing). 01-04_1131.

    Revert back to 2021-11-24 auto gain code, but with new calibrations for improved RSSI accuracy. 01-04_1057.

    Replace "Reset Select TG Zone" button with "Set Selected Zone" button. 01-03_1607.

    Add "Reset Selected TG Zone" button to the talk group editor. 01-03_1545

    Fix issue with frequency correction. Add ADC Config option to advanced tab. Change default audio agc max gain. change default bluetooth audio gain. 01-03_1338.

    Fix bug in TG zones. 01-02_1318

    Add TG zones support.  01-02_0918


    STABLE Version






    -------------------------RECENT CHANGE LOG----------------------------

    Fix bug where encrypted audio is output when it should not be. 12-31_1844

    Fix bug with P25 P1 encryption detection / loop.  12-31_1741.

    Add "EQ enable" option to the advanced tab (default off, was previously on). Change default AGC Hysteresis to 10 dB.  12-31_1402

    Fix bug in 12-31_0604 that was causing "talk group changed" and return to CC 12-31_0700

    Add error correction code for LDU2 encryption algorithm decode and RID / ADJ TG information. Result is more reliable and faster decoding of encryption algorithm,  RID information, and TG priority. 12-31_0604

    Add CPU usage options to the signal insights tab. 12-31_0323

    Fix new issues with SearchDB test frequency function. Add new "init agc gain" to advanced tab. This gain determines the initial auto-gain settings after a frequency change. Default is 5, range is 0 - 10.  12-30_1517

    Add "Audio AGC Max" to P25RXConfig tab. Try lowering this value to 0.5 if you hear any audio clipping for loud speakers on the system. 12-30_1317.

    Improved P25 P2 encryption handling. 12-30_0127

    Fix the issue with disabled "allow encrypted audio". 12-29_2127.

    Improved accuracy of RSSI readings. 12-29_2052

    Detect encryption in HDU and process before audio starts. 12-19_1704

    Changes to audio AGC  (attempt to reduce reported distortion for loud speakers)

    Changes to encryption error handling (reversion to earlier versions. attempt to reduce reported noise at the end of conversation)

    Changes to RF AGC. Add new command 'init_agc_gain' change default from 0 to 5. (attempt to reduce reported missed conversation at the beginning / end)

    Please report if this release is an improvement (or otherwise). 12-29_0858.


    - fix issues related to using roaming mode to scan multiple CC. 12-24_0755

    If you have been having issues with the auto-gains not working well, please give this version a try with the new defaults. Please email or post on RR with your results.

    Add <edit alias> button to global status line area. Make editing alias entries with window minimized quick and easy. 12-22_1508

    Add Status line format options for CC and Voice. 12-22_1339

    Fix a significant issue with displayed RSSI levels / AGC. 12-22_1007

    Add Skip, Hold, and Mute buttons to the global status area. 12-21_1822

    When sync is lost for a period of time, reset NCO to a sane value. 12-21_1314.

    Add USB Interface speed selection before firmware update. This may help with Windows 8 install. If you have issues with USB comms, try slow, med, fast speeds. 12-21_1253.

    Add "encrypt verify count" to advanced and make "return to CC on encrypted" the default. 12-21_0946.

    Fix issue with CC_FREQ keyword not always logging correct. 12-21_0901.

    Improved P1 encryption detection, improved encrypted TG logging, and programmable encrypted TG timeout on advanced tab. 12-21_0835.

    Fix issue with detecting some encryption on P1 systems. 12-20_2147

    NCO tracks and gets stored in flash on write configuration. More Bluetooth fixes. 12-20_1321.

    Fix issue with Bluetooth playback. 12-19_1629.

    Revert channel filter bw back to previous. 12-19_1436.

    Change channel filter bw.  12-19_1405

    Fix default NCO value and max_ferr. The 2 previous versions probably didn't work for most users. Please try _1333  - 12-19_1333

    Minor change to NCO val on frequency change. 12-19_1257.

    Many changes to the ADC clock rates, HW oversampling, deicmation filters, NCO, etc. This should take care of some issues in previous versions. Please report on testing. 12-19_1214

    Make RX Model 2, and AUTO gains the defaults. 12-19_0654

    Attempt to fix issue with "faster encryption detection" based on first feedback.

     -new default rx model 5  (uses a different type of soft-AGC) not mobile tested yet.


    TG backup/restore directory/folder is persisently stored. 12-18_1457

    FW updates are now glitch-free on Windows 10. Faster disable for P1 encrypted communications.12-18_0904.

    Switch back to RX Model 3 for a default. 12-13_0707

    Fix an issue with hang-up on exiting BTCFG-II software. 12-13_0020

    Fix new bug (within past 2 weeks) that affects the auto-RF-gain functions. If you are having issues with sensitivity or are mobile and use auto-gains, then you should update. 12-12_1412

    Fix new bug that was causing display updates to stop after an auto-flash talk group event. 12-12_1303

    Fix issue with writing configuration on Mac. 12-12_0748. (verified fix).

    Revert JSerialComm USB serial-port driver back to version 2.6.2  (from 2.7.0) 12-12_0606.

    Update RX model 1 (better EVM) and make it the new default. When the configuration is reset (via the factory command) or do to a fw update, the Bluetooth enable, Roaming enable and timeout configuration are now retained. 12-11_1622.

    Fix an issue that prevented DMR from working correctly in the previous version. 12-06_0354.

    RX Model 3 (default) has changes to symbol de-rotation / frequency correction. Please test and report if there are issues. You can revert to RX Model 0 if there are issues with Model 3. 12-05_1612.

    Changes to the way VGA gain works. Auto mode uses the calibrated value for VGA gain, a fixed value overrides the calibrated value. It is always controlled automatically in relation to the AGC target value. 12-05_1308.

    Added "max phase error adj" parameter to the advanced tab. Default value is 0.2. Values as low as 0.05 may help reception in some areas. 12-04_2005

    Course frequency correction is no longer disabled when EVM is good and receiver is synced. 12-04_0835

    Fix an issue with 'cc_search' output and DMR hanging on to voice channel too long. 12-03_1016.

    Fix an issue with RX Model 3 (the new default). 12-03_0853

    Add RX Model 3 and make it the default for testing. This version will reset the configuration to defaults. RX Model 1 did not change from the previous version, but it is recommended to use model 0 or 3. Model 1 is not going to preform as well as the other 2. 12-02_2137


    Add DMR backup/restore configuration. 11-30_0458

    Fix DMR Sync Status on signal insights tab. 11-29_2050

    Minor change to RX Model 1. 11-29_1827

    New "RX Models" selection added to the advanced tab. RX Models will allow the development of selectable receive chain DSP codes. Currently there are two models to choose from. Try them both. You will see the difference in the symbol plots. While the RX Model 0 (default) is similar to previous versions, it is an improvement. A 3rd model is likely to be added in the next release. 11-29_1557.

    improved reliability during fw update. (tested on Windows,Mac,Linux) 11-28

    Improved reliability,speed for reading/writing Talk groups. (tested on Windows,Mac,Linux)  11-28

    More P1 improvements. 11-24_2226

    Once again back off on the rotation correction rate. Force silence when the voice error rates are too high (without repeats). 11-24_2117

    Add some previously removed code that was fixed for detecting and recovering from missing frame syncs. 11-24_1809.

    Attempt to fix an issue where fw update causes a recoverable flash corruption (talk groups must be reloaded). 11-24_1752

    Fix an issue in recent versions that was causing END-OF-CALL TDULC to be missed and forcing the receiver to wait until the RF signal was lost before returning to control channel from a voice channel. (11-24_1738).

    Apply phase error correction before symbol magnitude normalization. (11-23_1758).

    Add secondary signal magnitude normalization to symbols. and slow down phase error correction. (11-23_1210).

    Fixed issue with DMR mode showing incorrect BLKS/SEC. (11-23_0647)

    This version has a different RF AGC. If you generate an IQ with this file please specify that you used this version.

    You can set the gains manual in this version. 

    Switch to a standard double-version of pow function (vs a fast one). Results in better quality voice synthesis.

    Fix printf functions with interrupt disable/enable. Consistent display in console.


    Fix very slow updates reading/writing talk group flash.

    Revert back to better sync detection.

    Remove unused options on the advanced tab

    Add ability to change P1 and P2 sync threshold parameters.

    Fix audio / encryption / decoders to work well across available IQ files.


    Better sounding audio from java software. (11-20_2121)

    Fix new issue with P2 syncs being detected during P1 decode. (11-20_1907)

    Fix issues with P25 P2 and DMR frame sync detection due to recent changes (11-20_1446)

    Improve sync detection. (11-20_1332)

    Fix TG led not active during P2 voice transmission. Adjust audio AGC. (11-20_0843)

    Major re-write of the P25 framing/decoding. Improvements to symbol sync. Please test. (11-20_0701).

    Fix issue with saveing I/Q files on Windows 10. (11-15_0731).

    Slow the AGC gain control rates way down. Add I/Q recording capability. (11-14_1911) Anyone experiencing receive issues on a P25 system should use the new I/Q record feature and send the resulting file via email for analysis. Thank you!

    Front-end gain control now works correctly for signals range from -120's to +10 dBm with the auto-gain modes. Press the "Reset To Defaults" button on the advanced tab after intalling.  This will reset the VGA target to a value that varies from receiver dependent on the calibration values. You can override the default target value (lower target = higher gains). (11-13_1708) 

  • Previous Version


    Remove quck-frequency-buttons until after scanner support is added. 01-09_0946.

    Don't force currently selected frequency button to be the current frequency. This was causing issues with conventional mode. The frequency buttons only change frequency when pressed. They are equivalent to the 'freq xxx.xxxxx' command. 01-09_0926

    Fix end-of-call silence bug for P25 P1/P2. 01-08_0759

    Freq buttons are disabled when roaming is enabled. 01-07_0733

    Possible bug fix for RID logging. Don't log until GRP has been parsed on RID line. 01-06_2359.

     Add F1-F8 quick frequency change buttons. Use Shift-Left-Button to set the frequency. 01-06_1256.

    Use the GRP id on an RID update as the current TG id. This may help with incorrect TG being logged during a TG interrupt event. 01-06_1012

    Fix bug caused by recent change to RID logging on P2 systems. 01-06_0949

    Parsing change for RID logging. (make sure the string isn't short before processing).01-04_1133.

    Add USB interface speed option to advanced tab and option during firmware updates. 01-04_1016.

    Force a re-read of configuration and talk-groups at the end of a firmware update. 01-03_1930.  (no need to update from version 01-03_1831).

    Add short internal delay after pressing a TG zone button. This may help with a potential lock-up issue. 01-03_1831.

    Add "Set Selected Zones" button to talk group editor. Add "ENCRYPTED" trigger option to TG logging. Fix bug with loggin encrypted TG. Fix issue with saving status format. 01-03_1714

    Fix bug in TG Zone support 01-02_1319.


    STABLE Version



    --------------------------RECENT CHANGE LOG-----------------------

    Fix bug where encrypted audio is output when it should not be. 12-31_1845

    Fix bug with P25 P1 encryption detection / loop.  12-31_1750.

    Fix bug in 12-31_0615 that was causing "talk group changed" and return to CC 12-31_0702

    Add error correction code for LDU2 encryption algorithm decode and RID / ADJ TG information. Result is more reliable and faster decoding of encryption algorithm,  RID information, and TG priority. 12-31_0615

    Add CPU usage options to the signal insights tab. 12-31_0310

    Add "Audio AGC Max" to P25RXConfig tab. Try lowering this value to 0.5 if you hear any audio clipping for loud speakers on the system. 12-30_1349.

    Improve P25 P2 encryption handling. 12-30_0128

    Fix the issue with disabled "allow encrypted audio". 12-29_2128.

    Detect Encryption in the HDU and process before audio starts. 12-29_1710

    Fix date/time formatting error. 12-24_0803

    Fix loop for "Uknown ENC ALG". 12-22_1622.

    Add $BLKS_SEC$ to <show keywords>. 12-22_1418

    Add status line area format strings for custom display. 12-22_1412

    Add hold/skip buttons to global status area (as per dispatchgeeks's suggestion). 12-21_1806.

    Attempt to fix P1 encryption detection isssue. 12-21_0538

    Attempt to fix "fast encryption detection" based on first feedback. 12-18_2009

    Recmeta files have CRLF placed at the end of line instead of beginning. 12-18_1152

    Faster disable for P1 encrypted communications. 12-18_0740

    Process encryption information in P1 HDU frames. 12-18_0652

    Improved firmware update process. Has been verified to be glitch-free on at least 1 Windows 10 system. 12-17_1421

    Add extra delay to BTConfig sleep functions. This may help with the fw update issues some are experiencing. 12-17_0713

    Add <Record To IQ File> function for debugging. 12-15_1638.

    Add EVM calculations and display. 12-14_0545.

    Add DMR restore/backup functionality. Switch to RX Model 0 (dmr didn't work well with RX Model 3), Remove un-used options from advanced tab. 12-14_0314

    Huge firmware udpate ported from P25RX-II development. Too many improvements to list.

    P25 P1 completely re-written (much improved audio output)

    New advanced options supporting "RX Models". The default RX Model is 3. Experiment with the various receive models and report what works best for your system.

    P1 and P2 sync thresholds. Default is 2 for P1 and 0 for P2. Don't set P2 too high. Try max of 2.

    There were 90+ files affected by this update, so there may be some new bugs. Please report them.


  • revert back to 11-16_2326 (stable)
  • Updates from P25RX-II development. (11-16_2326)
  • Fix issues with DMR BLK_PER_SEC display. (11-10_1007)
  • Decoder related improvements. (11-10_0702)
  • Fix issue with display view of RID / Alias. (11-09_1936)
  • Several bug fixes to TG logging and the trigger options. (11-09_1518)
  • P2 audio issues should be resolved. Voice frame repeat setting made less confusing. (11-09_0840).
  • Allow voice frame repeats to be disabled with a value of -3. This is now the default. This version will reset the configuration to defaults. (11-09_0431)
  • TG log editor default includes "voice audio trigger". (11-08_2214)
  • Device no longer sends command to flush audio buffer to java software (11-08_1646)
  • Prevent java-audio-buffer underruns. (11-08_1450)
  • More P2-related changes (11-08_1422)
  • Fix issue when importing more than 4915 talk groups. They import fine, but were ignored. (11-08_1044)
  • Add recent voice decoding improvements from P25RX-II. (11-08_0226)
  • Add Max V-Frame repeat option to advanced. The value can be 0 to 10. This was previously hardcoded to 99. This value is added to an internal minimum of 3. Please experiment with this value. Try 0 and 10. Which is better? (11-07_0550) This value determines the maximum number times the last good voice synth coefficients can be reused on frames that have errors as described in TIA-102.BABA (section 5.6)
  • Fix issue with P25 P2 audio voice frame repeats. (11-06_1138)
  • Fix several new bugs related to recent changes. Most of them related to log files. Also adding secondaries, neighbors automatically to roaming flash. (11-06_1048)
  • Add multiple TG log trigger options. (11-06_1027)
  • Fix issue with RID logging and TDMA_CC parsing of $V_FREQ$. (11-06_0726)
  • Fix issue with date-time rollover at midnight for log/recording files. (11-05_2227)
  • Fix $V_FREQ$ and vertical scrollbar for TG log. (11-05_1511)
  • Major update to voice decoding / synthesis! (11-05_0501).
  • Auto-scroll to bottom of TG log on adding a new record. (11-05_0330)
  • add import/export to TG log format editor (11-05_0307)