Firmware History


This version will ship with new receivers. This version has improved audio and several bug fixes. It appears to be the best release to date.

Please report bugs. Phase II testing needed.
See P25RX Tips And Tricks for more information on the changes to roaming.

  • Improvements To Phase II decoding (02/17, V _1118)
    -Add support for P2 Tones ( _1118)
    -Add "en enc audio" option to advanced tab. (_1118)
    -Disable Encrypted Audio output
    -Only output audio for the talk group currently being monitored.
    -Use the MAC_PTT_END signal to return to control channel.
    -Utilize MAC_HANGTIME signal to stay on voice channel during silent periods.
    -Add SRC_UID to TG Log.
  • Attempt to fix issue with sudden drop to 0 blks/sec rx that some users have reported. (02/15)
  • Improved roaming/scanning. Tracks up to 16 control channels dynamically and persistently across frequency changes.
  • Add support for NXDN voice channel scanning.


  • Add column sorting to RID values.
  • Fix more issues with alias/rid tab. Add support for import alias csv file. Alias file is now stored as ~/Documents/p25rx/MAC_ID_XXX/p25rx_aliases.csv
  • Recover from BLKS/SEC drop to zero (VERIFIED FIXED) (_1237)
  • optimization to prevent slugish response. (_0444)
  • Added alias table-row highlighting for the most recent transmissions.
  • RID/Alias values are stored by P25RX MAC ID
  • Make P2 Tone volume a factor 100x less, then make the default value 1.0
  • Change UID to RID (radio id)
  • Add alias support (_1409)
  • Fix issue with P25_reinit option / frequency testing. (_1329)
  • p25_reinit option is off by default (_1550).
  • Add P25 PII Tone Volume Adjustment (_1018)
  • Add option to disable Phase II Tone output (0219_0855)
  • Major improvement to P1 audio.
  • P25 P1 ends call if grpaddr changes during call.
  • P25 P1 TG/UID logging working with conventional mode.
  • Fix for potential dropped grants in P1
  • Add UID logging for Phase 1, log multiple UID during conversation.
  • Added support for import of DSDPlus Talk Group CSV files.
    See Tips page for more information on the new DSDPlus TG file import
  • BTConfig-2021-02-24_1047
  • Don't disable "Test Selected Frequencies" and "Set Frequency As Primary" buttons.
  • Show the type of standard-type encryption used in the console when disabling audio due to ENC (DES, Triple DES, AES-256)