Requires the Oracle version of the Java virtual machine. (prefer v8)


2023-06-11_0833 - Add toneouts text file generation.

2023-02-16_0603 - FIX RR_IMPORT issue. ':' characters are stripped from import. Windows doesn't like this character in the filename.

2023-01-14_1429 BUG FIX TWO TONE DECODE. Forgot to implement a TONEA/TONEB reset timer when porting from the MicroP25RX. Should be fixed now.

2023-01-14_1411 Change the format of the TONE_OUT EVENT in the console. Show frequencies in 3.2 format (frequency in Hz).

2023-01-14_1317 Add TONEA_FREQ, TONEB_FREQ, TONEA_IDX, TONEB_IDX keywords for display view.

2023-01-14_1114 Increase audio level into two-tone detector. (no missing decodes due to audio-level gating).

2023-01-14_1045 Fix two-tone console output. Add an extra audio filter before the two-tone detector. (verified to be working correctly with FMNB).

2023-01-14_0952 Add two-tone decode (console). Applies to P25 P1/P2, FMNB

2023-01-14_0743 Change PL Tone freq match to be < 2.51 Hz vs <2.50 Hz.

2023-01-14_0710 Decrease PL Tone detection time from 400ms to 200ms. Frequency resolution is now 2.5 Hz.

2023-01-14_0609 Change PL Tone timeout/hold time from 1 sec to 3 sec.

2023-01-14_0508 Move the PL Tone high-pass cutoff down a bit further.

2023-01-14_0016 adjust the coefficients/cutoff frequency for the cascaded high-pass IIR filter when using PL Tones. This allows more of the low voice frequencies to pass for a fuller sound. The PL Tones are still attenated due to the 2 extra stages of filtering added in the previous version.

2023-01-13_1931 - Added cascaded IIR filter stages (total of 4 stages) to eliminate the PL Tones from being audible.

2023-01-13_1459 - Pl Tone related improvement.

2023-01-13_1434 - Reset PL Tone timeout/holdtime on loss of signal or freq change.

2023-01-13_1246 - PL Tone detection, when enabled, will mute the audio unless the configured PL Tone frequency is within 2.5 Hz of the measured PL Tone frequency.

2023-01-13_0717 Same as previous release, but with firmware state reverted back to 202208062010. This should fix some issues related to scanning and audio.

2023-01-12_2106 - Add the ability to enable/disable EVENT and ALIAS DBASE file generation in the advanced tab.

09-02_0639 - Fix an elusive issue that was causing the java software to get in a loop after a firmware update in recent versions.  (Windows 10 + Java 8). Not sure why only one machine had this issue, but it is resolved.

08-17_0929 -This version was removed due to several issue. Please use 08-15 for now.


  • Fix RR CSV import issue when there are '/' and '&' characters in the imported filesnames.


  • Fix issue with missing "MODE" column when importing from RR CSV files.


  • Fix an issue that was causing the java software to lock-up on the Mac OS periodically. Fix an issue with ADP encryption.


  • May fix an issue that would cause java software to stop logging. Added an option to the advanced tab to disable "popout windows always on top".


  • Revert changes to broadcastify Calls termnation.


  • More changes to Broadcastity Calls call termination.


  • Make change to the way Broadcastify Calls calls are terminated.


  • Attempt some audio improvements


  • Save the state of the <enable broadcastify calls output> option.


  • Faster fw update on Windows 10
  • Improved PC audio playback


  • Improved CPU usage. Test machine 6% usage idle, 15% during audio
  • Disable TG Priority interrupt while scanning (for now)
  • Change threading for audio playback
  • Fix ZONE / ZONE_ALIAS display
  • When Display View, Signal Insights, Console are "popped-out", they are always-on-top.
  • Console works as it did in earlier versions before the database.


07-03_1440 Attempt to fix an issue with TG priority interrupt when scanning.

07-01_1542 Get Wio terminal working right again. The first 8 channel configuration frequencies marked as "include_in_scan" in the flash memory will be utilized when changing frequencies with the joystick. You can include analog-demod channel config frequencies.

 06-30_1508 Remove BTT BCalls tab and make BTT BCalls a separate application. Instructions will be on RR and website soon.

06-29_1533 re-uploaded due to corrupted file.  fix bug that was causing channel_config->global_settings->Trunked No Voice Timeout to get reset to 0 internally during certain events. Disable BTT BCalls uploader for now. Will be creating a separate application for this.

06-29_1427 Talk group table doesn't get updated every frequency change. Didn't work well when scanning.

06-29_1348 Fix console and sig-insights tab updates when they are popped-out. Allow talk-group priority interrupts during scanning.

06-27_1756 Fix Talk Group Editor functions for enable/disable selected rows, set selected zones. Firmware update to add CC frequency to RID EVENT records.

06-27_0650 Fix new issue when auto-disable-encrypted is enabled.

06-26_1529 Fix another issue with bcalls support and Windows.

06-25_0217 Fix an issue with bcalls support and Windows.

06-24_0428 Fix an issue with Broadcastify Calls support.

06-23_1901 Add Broadcastify Call support. If you experience issues with this, then please disable the "Enable RR Broadcastify Calls" option and report this issue. Thank you!

06-23_1221 - Change "Read TG From Device" button on the TG Editor tab to a <Import TG From Device> button. To make the database contain the same information as the receiver flash memory, use CTRL-a to select all records, press the DEL-key to delete all records, then press the <Import TG From Dev> button to populate the database table.

-Minor improvements to talk group editing 06-20_1734

-Updates to the talk group database and table functions. You will have to re-import the talk groups with this version. 06-20_1639.

-Fix new issue with new TG records being inserted with zone of 1 if another similar record exists with a zone other than 1. 06-20_1210.

-Fix new issue with entering talk group records 06-20_0624.

-Fix an initialization issue. 06-19_1121.

-Add <Duplicate> button to talk group editor. This will create a duplicate record of the selected row, but with the zone set to 9999. After this, you can edit the zone to be a valid zone number. This allows having the same TG in multiple zones. 06-19_0759.

-Allow entering new records on a blank line for the talk group and alias tables. For a talk group record to be complete, all fields but description must be non-empty. For alias records, the RID and Alias must be non-empty. When you start editing a new line, a 60 second timeout starts after each cell is edited. After 60 seconds of no activity on a partial record entry, the edit will be aborted. 06-19_0639.

-Make editing talk group and alias database much more intuitive. The "enable table updates" and "update DB" are now automatic. Edit the table and press enter (hit escape to abort the edit). The changes will be saved to the database automatically. 06-18_1044.

-Always update the table views from the database when changing the "enable table updates" option. 06-18_0904.

-First stable release of the tree-view version. 06-17_1825