P25RX-II And The Future Of BTT

As of April-2023, the P25RX-II is once again available. Big thank you to the customers this past month! Sales have been slow since the offline disagreement with the "supermod(s)", but they haven't killed off BTT yet. BTT has the best customers around! Although it is difficult to predict what future sales for the P25RX-II will be, we will do our best to keep the product in stock despite a very tight budget and supply chain challenges. We are very excited to have the P25RX-II back in production.

There is a new product in the works (the displayed pcb rendering). It has been prototyped with a modified MicroP25RX. It intended to be a follow-up product to the MicroP25RX. It is a single pcb assembly designed to fit entirely within the backside of the Wio Terminal Display (It has the same outline dimensions as the display) It will be completely firmware compatible with the MicroP25RX (HW is auto-detected). It features improved sensitivity, improved IF section. dual RF shields. Power can be supplied via MicroUSB or USB Type-C. Stay tuned!