BlueTail Technologies Introduces The P25RX Digital Police Receiver With Bluetooth Audio Support

BlueTail Technologies is proud to announce the availability of the P25RX.  The P25RX is a new type of police scanner.  We realized that nobody had a P25 receiver that provided all the features we were looking for in a single, low-cost device:

Very Easy to configure. With our BTConfig software, you can consider our device an easy-to-configure zip-code scanner.  Type in your zip code and a search radius and our software will help you search and test potential trunking control channels in your area with the press of a button.  Descriptions of the frequencies help you to determine which control channel you would like to monitor.

P25 Trunking channel operation.  (others call this CCO mode or Control Channel Only)

Bluetooth Audio Support (there are very few options available for this out there).  Pair it with Bluetooth speakers, ear buds, headphones, car stereos, hearing aids, etc.

Excellent performance in P25 Simulcast areas (most receiver / scanners have trouble with this)

Roaming capability for mobile operation.

Excellent RF performance... Excellent sensitivity, selectivity, and IP3 performance.

Rugged, aluminum enclosure that can take some abuse.  Mount it on your bike, motorcycle, or desktop. 

Open-source configuration software running on Windows 7, 10, and Linux,  (possibly MAC OS X.  Let us know if you try it out)

Product design and final assembly completed in the USA.

We are looking forward to building a following by doing our best to make our customers love our products and support.


P25RX Digital Police Receiver

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