BlueTail Technologies 2/23/23

Thank you to those who donated to keep the website up! As of today, The website is funded almost to the end of 2023. Thank you! You guys are awesome. RR is claiming I'm not who I am, but they prevent me from posting. I was always honest with you guys. I support the guys in blue. I supprort the hobby. I support techies. I support anyone who supports me. My downfall is that I do attack the trolls. I'm sorry. I let you all down. I have plans for a P25RX-III. It would be an improved version of the P25RX-II. The critical part fot the P25RX-II/III might be avialable at the end of next month. I'm currently selling on eBay to pay the bills. The future is uncertain for me and the dog, but I may figure out how to recover despite their efforts to take me out. I hate to ask, but if you can speak up in support of BTT, I would appreciate it. I only had issues with RR admin people. I don't recall ever having an issue with customers. I really don't understand why any customer of mine would feel that I treated them unfairly. I bent over backward for everyone. Don't believe everything you read.